Monday, April 8, 2013

Ride up and ride down - one is faster than the other

The first Saturday in March, Chey'Anne, David and I packed up the car and headed up to the mountain for some tubing fun!  And FUN it was!  The place we went had a moving conveyor that brought you to the top of the hill with your tube, so you didn't become exhausted in just a few runs.   There were single tubes, doubles, triples and quads to choose from.  It was a beautiful day and became down-right hot up there.  After just a few runs, we ditched our jackets for liners only and forget the hats.  Chey'Anne and I tried the ULTIMATE run....which you had to hike up to and it was SCARY.  Very steep and bumpy!  No pictures of that though, bummer. 

Mt. Hood

Climbing a snow mound during a snack break.

David - the new fashion icon.  Orange, grey, black plaid snow pants with a red jacket. 

I fell off.

Last run of the day.

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