Monday, April 8, 2013

Ride up and ride down - one is faster than the other

The first Saturday in March, Chey'Anne, David and I packed up the car and headed up to the mountain for some tubing fun!  And FUN it was!  The place we went had a moving conveyor that brought you to the top of the hill with your tube, so you didn't become exhausted in just a few runs.   There were single tubes, doubles, triples and quads to choose from.  It was a beautiful day and became down-right hot up there.  After just a few runs, we ditched our jackets for liners only and forget the hats.  Chey'Anne and I tried the ULTIMATE run....which you had to hike up to and it was SCARY.  Very steep and bumpy!  No pictures of that though, bummer. 

Mt. Hood

Climbing a snow mound during a snack break.

David - the new fashion icon.  Orange, grey, black plaid snow pants with a red jacket. 

I fell off.

Last run of the day.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

80-80 and almost 8

My dad turned 80 years old on Feb. 21 and we were there to celebrate.  Florida in February is a wonderful vacation...along with seeing my Dad and Step-Mom, of course.  David and I left at the butt-crack of dawn on Sunday (literally the flight was at 5:30am) and arrived in Florida late afternoon to some chilly temps!!  It was only 50 degree's!!  Ummm...that's the temp I left at home.  I DO NOT WANT TO GO TO A WARM PLACE AND EXPERIENCE THE SAME TEMPS!  booooo!  Luckily the weather only got warmer from there!

I have been a member of a large world wide IVF chat board since 2000.  I was lucky enough to meet 7 of my fellow "sisters"!  On Monday, I met Kristine and Lisa (and 5 kids) at the Clearwater Aquarium (the one where Winter the dolphin resides).  6 kids, 3 adults - as Kristine kept repeating, it was like herding kittens.  LOL!  We had a great time looking at the exhibits and even catching a show. 

On Tuesday, grandpa, David and myself headed off to the Dinosaur Park.  Loads of fun seeing all the different dino's in "life sized" versions.  The warm weather was especially nice to be in. 

By Friday, my sister, Karen, BIL Steve, and my brother Jeff were all in town.  As we sat down for lunch, SURPRISE, my niece, Nina arrived!!  Needless to say, my Dad was thoroughly surprised and thrilled.  We spent the afternoon at the beach and playing in the waves. 

Saturday was party day.  Karen had an elaborate plan that because it was Dad's 80th birthday, and it was airplane themed, she would purchase a flight attendant costume to wear at the party.  It was a huge hit.  I supplied the airline peanuts (actual airline packaged ones - so fun!).   My dad has been working on a commissioned project for the Tampa Historical Society to build a replica scale airplane of the Benoist (ben-wah), which was the first commercial airline to fly across Tampa Bay. Sylvia hired an historical actor to play the part of the pilot of that airline. 

Our last day in tropical paradise (well, to us it was), David and I headed off to the beach.  Too bad the sun decided to keep behind the clouds. 

Florida 2013 was a HUGE success and lots of fun!  Thanks Grandpa and Grandma for having us! 

I know it's blurry, but it's the best one of those 2.  Just squint your eyes and it's perfect!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Oreo 1999 - 2013

My sweet Oreo, today I released you from the uncomfortable burden of your old body.  I was with you the whole time stroking your head, rubbing your ears and whispering my love to you.  You have been the most amazing, sweet, frustrating, pestering, naughty, smart, and fun dog I have owned.  Even on your last day, the 10 minutes I left you alone in the house, you managed to chew a DVD box.  Seriously!?  This morning, I gave you the peanut butter jar for you to enjoy - it was clean in just a few minutes.

I'm glad that we took photo's with you on Sunday.  I'll miss stepping over you, tripping over you, and having to become a contortionist to get off the couch because you laid down right in front of it.  Although in the last few weeks, you've been sleeping more, the house still feels empty without you in it.  I'll miss your groans, snoring and, yes, even your stinky dog butt.  I'll miss watching you chase something in your dreams.  I'll even miss your whining at me for....well, whatever you whined about at that moment.

You were our beloved Oreo.  Our wonderful dog.  Go run and play, be that puppy you once were.

Oreo - these are my previous Eulogies to her.